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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  March 10, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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morning, march 10, nation of islam leader louis farrakahn is expected to speak at u.c. berkeley today. students say they are outraged. we will have that story. and pro tibetan activists are planning several protests throughout the day around the bay area and the world to commemorate the 53rd in the uprising against china. >> good morning. the sun officially up a little before 6:30. we are talking about cloudy and cooler conditions today. rain is on the way, too. >> good morning, i'm eric thomas. >> the always controversial louis farrakahn is making a rare
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public appearance at u.c. berkeley today. some are anxious to here what he has to say. others are worried his words will be racially charged and device i have. we report from u.c. berkeley. >> this was hosted by the black student union. saturday morning, louis farrakahn, seen at other public events, is going to speak. >> i was excited. i've heard a lot about him but i haven't had an opportunity to see him and hear him talk. i think it was a good idea. >> not everyone agrees because of past comments he has been made that has been viewed as anti-simantic and racist. >> you can call me racist! but to millions of black
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people -- >> he represents the jewish community, part of a group urging fellow students to sign 9 on lineuptition. >> >> my grandparents were holocaust survivors and his negative comments about the hall cost and even comments where he calls himself hitler, i feel uncomfortable and i feel it he other races my personal past and ancestry. >> in no way to i want it to stop lewis farrakahn or to change his mind. >> because he supports both free speech and the conference. >> i wish, and as those who sign the petition wish that they could have chosen someone that would have given black empowerment to students, which is so important, but not at the expense of the empowerment of other communities. >> this lead came up for the conference and looks forward to hearing what he has to say. >> just because you are listening to a speaker, it
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doesn't mean you have to believe in their ideology. >> we made several attempts to speak to the bsu but they didn't get back to us. he plans that stand outside and present the petition to people going outside. he's not looking for numbers but he he just wants to make sure they know how he and others feel. >> today marks the 53rd anniversary of the tibetan uprising against tibet. this morning there will be a tibetan flag raising ceremony. and then a march to the u.n. plaza. at 12:30 protesters there rally outside the chinese consulate on laguna street. it wraps up at 4:30 about a
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candlelight vigil. >> there's more last minute wrongling before the mirkarimi trial begins. his and his wife's attorney spent a part of yesterday trying to get a key piece of evidence thrown out of court. they want videos shot by a neighbors ruled inadmissible. it shows bruises on lopez's arm. when an appeals court ruled against them yesterday morning, he filed another appeal in state court in the afternoon. lopez is refusing to testify against her husband and that makes the video hearsay evidence. >> you can't cross-examine a video. you can't ask a video how they were thinking, feeling or what their motivations were. >> injure selection begins on monday. the 49ers say the price taking has gone up for their new stadium but the taxpayers won't be on the hook for it. they now expect it to cost
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1.$17 billion. that's a little more than the $1 billion. the stadium authority and the team agreed to a 40 year lease. the city council is expected to approve the new plan on tuesday and construction could begin next month. have you ever been in a packed bay area bar on the weekend? you know how uncomfortable that can be. authorities are warning it's not just uncomfortable, in some case it is may be downright dangerous. we report from san francisco. >> reporter: va lens yu street in san francisco has become a popular club and bar scene. many of the bars have a stated capacity of 49 allowed by the san francisco fire department. this bar was at capacity at 8:00 p.m. by 9:30 there were more than 100 people inside. it doesn't seem to bother many patrons. >> it's too crowded, you go somewhere else. it's never like to the point where i'm like, feel like i'm in danger or something like that. >> chad carlson is here from reno. >> if i'm familiar with the place, i'm really not. but if i'm out of town like i am, i would be kind of worried.
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>> this kind of overcrowding may be great for the small bars and clubs, but the san francisco fire department sees overcrowding as a dangerous fire hazard. >> if they only have one exit, it doesn't matter how big the space is, it's limit today 49. >> the problem is there are no regular inspections of these small clubs. >> so the places that have the 49, you don't have anybody going out there? >> no. we go out there when we receive a complaint. >> unless there's a complaint they rely on the good sense of business owners to manage capacity and safety of their customers. >> we move them up and people come back out. that's how we keep our capacity pretty steady for like a fire hazard and stuff like that. >> lorenzo owns this club. by 9:00 p.m. there was a huge crowd outside his door. >> we put the host out here. usually we get people, when we have it inside people come all the way in and when they all come in it's hard to get
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everybody back out. >> on weekends many bars easily exceed their capacity. but very few, if any, customers care. >> i have never once looked for that before. >> the lieutenant says they regularly inspect those places of assembly. and they are possibly going to put those smaller venues on their list as well. abc7 news. fairfield police believe they have identified the suspects behind three shootings earlier this week. they believe they opened fire after a drug deal went bad. the suspects are 21-year-old blake johnson of vallejo, 21-year-old darryl trahan of east palo alto, and 18-year-old of redwood city. the police believe they are all armed and dangerous and they urge you to call your local police department if you see any of them. next, the work that's yet to be
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completed at santa cruz harbor a year after the tsunami. >> i have to get this right. [foreign language] >> prince harry tries out his portuguese in rio as he continues
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>> welcome back, good saturday morning to you. >> a vigil is being held this evening for the survivors of the catastrophic earthquake and tsunami survivors in japan. the quake and tsunami that followed killed more than 19,000 people. it cussed meltdowns at all three nuclear power plants. radiation still leaks from them and because of those meltdowns all but two reactors reminute
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idle, leaving them on the brink of an energy crisis. and the effects are being felt here in the bay area. abc7 reports the damage is still visible today. >> the captain remembers the tsunami that hit santa cruz like it was yesterday. >> water was rolling out of the harbor like somebody flushed the toilet and came back in just as fast. >> the tsunami surge slammed the community one year ago, damaging 23 of the harbors 29 docks. the repair bill about be $17.5 million. two docks have been completely replaced. design and construction on others of underway and one year later the port director is filled with the pace of progress. >> we were able to demolish, design, bid and reinstruct
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u-dock in less than four months. that was a record-setting completion date. >> despite the damage, the harbor is fully functioning, and some people say that after the initial cleanup, they haven't noticed any interruption to business as usual. >> i don't think the harbor activity has been restricted by the tsunami. >> state and local emergency response managers used the one year anniversary to tour the harbor. they point out improvements to mapping tsunami zones and have buoys in the ocean for early warning for future events. >> they will know realtime here's where the waves are coming, here's the timing, and here's the size of the inundation so it's critical. >> experts say putting up signs like this are also critical. in some cases they will direct residents and tourists to higher ground. >> it also creates a sense of awareness when you drive by the signs and look at the signs, you remember what happened last march 11, 2011, and you are
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a lot more aware of tsunamis in general. >> for captain joe there's no forgetting the impact. but the hard-hit harbors are recovering. >> they are moving fast and i think they are doing a marvelous job. i'm not just saying that because i would be a slip runner, but i see it. >> the port director expects all the tsunami repairs to be done sometime next year. in santa cruz, karina rusk, abc7 news. britain's prince harry is in brazil this weekend continuing his trip to mark the diamond jubalee. last night his public appearance was to launch a campaign to encourage tourism in england, who will host the summer olympic games. he spoke even a little portuguese to say "wonderful city." >> welcome to your spell-binding city. and this, i hope i get it right,. [foreign language.] [applause]
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>> please, please, if we show you how to play rugby, don't do what you have done to us like you have done in football and leave us wishing that we hadn't. >> samba sunshine, tour of sugar loaf mountain are on his agenda during his visit this weekend. >> and people vetsing the bay area this weekend, when will they see weather-wise? >> we've had the bragging rights for how long now? it's about to end. we are talking about sunshine now with our early sunrise another ten minutes away. and don't forget, tomorrow it's 7:26. more importantly, a cloudy start. a multi--day precip event will bring us the wettest series of storms we've seen all winter long. the details are next. >> lisa, thank you. also next, the upsets continue in the pack 12 tournament. the cal bears on the wrong end of a buffalo stampede. larry beil has the highlights
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in hawaii they are cleaning up after the first tornado in four years. it raked the coastal honolulu suburb of kahlua. it formed as a waterspout yesterday morning but it pushed a mile inland, tearing off part of a roof and carrying it several hundred yards. the windward side experienced a 30 minute hailstorm which the national weather service calls in precedented. some hale stones measured as large as three inches. >> i showed lisa a picture of a golf ball compared to the hailstones and it was dwarfed by them. >> i lived there three years and never saw anything like that. crazy everywhere. we are talking about winter returning to the day area. when a beautiful shot to begin the day at heavenly. partly to mostly cloudy skies. the tahoe airport is at 22 degrees. down in mammoth, 18 degrees. back home we are talk about the sun coming up this morning 6:27.
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this is the view from tam. is that pretty. 6:13 it's setting and 7 -- don't forget to set your clocks ahead and gain the extra hour of date. it will be a rainy week. not a lot of weather to enjoy next week. 40 in redwood city. we are talking about some 30s up in the north by. 36 in isn't rosa with 37 in napa. 40 mountain view. good morning, livermore, 40 for you. partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies today. cooler for everyone, as much as 10 to perhaps 12, 14 degrees cooler. light showers arrive tomorrow. not a big system but it does set the atmosphere, prime the atmosphere for the weather systems that will be coming together for the middle of the week. we've got mountain snow, although these are going to be warmer storms. so snow levels are going to be higher. we are talking perhaps some rain
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around lake level midweek. here's a look at our water vapor imagery. you definitely can get the idea of the big change that's ahead. here's the weak system this morning that's going to push on through and that allows for more clouds. but the next system could bring us a little bit of rain. in fact, as early as tomorrow. so high pressure fading away. it's flattening. we have the second in a series of travis that will press through the bay area over the weekend. this is the one that could bring some light showers tomorrow. so some of you may not see any, but it certainly brings a change to the balmy weather we've had all winter long. by 4:00 later today you will notice the clouds along the coast and partly cloudy skies elsewhere. you see a chance of showers in the north bay later on today but the more active weather comes our way by 10:00 tomorrow by sunday. we can see some scattered showers all around the bay. temperatures will be another of three, four degrees cooler tomorrow. and we will see more clouds.
6:21 am
then we will take you through the rest of sunday and monday we are talking slight chance of showers again monday afternoon. but then after that, that's when things are going to get quite active into tuesday and wednesday. so temperatures definitely taking a hit today, except in the sierra nevada where we are still looking at 50s and 60s. central coast in the mid-60s today. so out of the 70s and 80s and even by next weekend los angeles could see some welcome rain. 63 in oakland, as well as son mattio today. 62 in vallejo. more clouds around the north by. the onshore flow keeping the coast cool. 64 santa cruz with upper 60s, still a pleasant day in the central coast. we set our clocks ahead. a slide chance of showers tomorrow and monday there could be a few showers but it's really the middle of the week, into the end of the week and into the weekend, a couple inches of rain, and several feet of snow. that will be high-elevation
6:22 am
snow, though. >> lisa, thank you very much. we will take you to new york to check in and find out what is coming in at good morning america right after our newscast. good morning. >>. >> good morning. we have a busy show coming up. we begin with the split attendant who went on a rant while loading passengers. making comments about their safety over the p. a. system. what did she do to cause passengers to physically restrain her? we show you knew video from inside the plane. >> and a rare twister hits hawaii, carrying roofs off flooded homes and causing power outages in what is usually one of the sunniest spots in the country. all this comes hours after a freak hailstorm drops hailstones the size of golf balls. what is going on? we show what you it looks like when paradise gets slammed with wicket weather. and inside a gated florida community, the family of this boy said he was walking home from buying candy but a gunman is claiming he fired in
6:23 am
self-defense. we have the latest on the story coming up. and what happens when a phone number is tweeted out to justin bieber's 18 million twitter followers? tons of them tie up one guy's phone line. the poor guy, he said he got three calls in a second. >> you know, when i was look at that area code, 214, that is the dallas area. >> that's dallas. >> tipoff to you. that's not justin bieber's phone number. >> i don't know what it is. with 18 million followers you never know what people will do. >> when i get 18 million followers, i'll let you know. >> okay. >> thank you very much. >> don't tweet my number when this happens. >> okay. it's a deal. good show. see you later. >> bye. in sports, the second-ranked stanford basketball team will rifle at cal bears for the women's tournament title at the
6:24 am
staples center. last night the men also tried to get into the conference championship game and improve their ncaa tournament resume. larry beil has the highlights in this morning's sports. >> good morning. the cal bears have almost certainly done enough to qualify for the ncaa tournament and they better hope 24 wins is enough because what happened last night against colorado. in l. a.. the bluffs bring in a whole cast of characters from boulder. this is nasty. nate roberson with authority. man, did he explode there. buffs by 7. just before the half allan crab and justin cobs. cobs 15 and bears within one at the break. buffs pull away in the second half. booker for three. a 7-0 colorado run. harris, 2 points the first half, finished with 10. that strong drive there. cal within three but the buffs on another 10-0 run. brown, the shot on the baseline. hanging and hitting at 17 to ice it. brown, always a bad man! buffs win 70-59. they will play arizona for the pac-12 title. the cal's record should get them in.
6:25 am
we will see. the pick 12 women's championship game. an all-bay area contest. stanford and cal will meet in the title game. stanford smiling early against arizona state. maniness ogumike. she can do it all. and feeding her sister down low. and the pac-12 player of the year. whacked in the head and still makes the shot. stanford was up 14. asu is hanging in there. olivia major makes it an 8 point contest. stanford shot just 29%. their worst game of the year, but neka wouldn't let them lose. 52-43. cardinals will move on. cal and washington at this time the other game. and sage from deep here. the 11th seeded coogs thinking upset, up 5 in the second half. bears take over. their best player, steals, scoots, scores, cal goes up one. look at jennifer brandon look working low. 16 boards.
6:26 am
cal victorious, 64-49. the bears get stanford for the pac-12 tournament title. on to baseball. buster posey did not do anything spectacular yesterday. the mere fact that he took the field and got back into his catcher's crouch, that was enough for giants fans. posey played in his first game since his horrific collision and ankle surgery last may. the giants play the reds in scottsdale. limited action for buster. posey played just two innings. and cain was bringing it. he tossed three scoreless frames. he struck out him. flied out 0 for 1. also back, freddy sanchez returning from shoulder surgery. freddy goes 1 for 4, homers by melky cabrera, who is sizzling this spring and brandon belt carried the giants to the 6-3 win. here's buster. >> just anxious. anxious to play. i have been looking forward to playing for some time now so just happy to be out there. i haven't played since last -- the end of last may so that's --
6:27 am
there's some nerves. good nerves, though. >> and the a's beat the rockies 6-4. oakland's opening stay starter, brandon mccarthy, four-plus frames. and the much harold outfielder will make his a's debut today. that's a wrap on morning sports. mike shumann has your highlights at five, six and eleven. have a great weekend. i'm larry beil. >> next at 6:30. cabin pressure. >> sid captain, we need to pull this plane back to the hangar, it's going to crash. >> the white-knuckle moments aboard a commercial airliner. and some good employment numbers. a sign the economy may be bouncing back, but one expert tells abc7 news a full recovery is a long way off.
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we'll take all the strawberries, dave. you got it, kid. we have a winner. we're definitely gonna need another o.yp   =x=xñsmalbu=isinesses thatan"t to grow use 4g lte technology from verizon. i wonder how she does it. that's why she's the boss. because the small business with the best technology rules. contact the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 1-800-974-6006. >> welcome back. good saturday morning to you. this morning a flight attendant is checked out at psychiatric hospital following yesterday morning's white knuckle moment aboard an american airlines flight. the plane was ready for takeoff when the stewardess sent them into a frenzy, having people going on the intercom and begging the pilot to turn back. this is a strange drama. >> dallas just before takeoff.
6:31 am
passengers of american flight 2332 could not believe what they were hearing. a flight attendant was on the plane's intercom standing right in front of the cockpit door ranting and raving. >> she said, captain, we need to pull this plane back to the hangar, it's going to crash. >> stunned passengers jumping on the woman. some of the scuffle caught on video. >> and she was putting up a pretty good fight. >> that's when the screaming started. [screaming] >> i will never get that sound of her screaming out of my head. that is when the girl behind me called 911. finally she got 911 on the phone and convinced them i am on the plane and the plane needs to stop. >> brad helped hold her down. >> she began speaking about the events of 9/11, that she had known people. she was in a very manic state. when she said she was bipolar, that's when i knew she'd lost it. toward the end of the whole
6:32 am
struggle she did say i'm going to kill them all. >> after struggling and screaming, she was taken to a psychiatric hospital for evaluation. >> you see the whole crowd of people, they are carrying her across into the car. >> authorities thus far have decided not to charge her. the incident was particularly disturbing because flight attendants are responsible for passenger safety. >> flight attendants are first responders, and that was the opposite case today. there were others that had to respond to this flight attendant, who is obviously in need of help. >> this was such a scary situation. we were told children on the plane were crying, but everyone is thankful this did not happen while the plane was in flight. abc news, washington. president obama's weekly address was recorded at a factory in virginia where parts for jet engines are made. he said it's one example of american companies adding u.s. manufacturing jobs. he points out that the jet engines they are using are lighter, faster and more fuel efficient, and that brings him to the subject of gas prices. >> right now some folks in
6:33 am
washington would rather spend another $4 billion on subsidies to oil companies each year. well, you know what? we've been handing out these kinds of taxpayer giveaways for nearly a century, and outside of congress, does anyone really think that's still a good idea? i want this congress to stop the giveaways to an oil industry that's never been more profitable and invest it in a clean energy industry that's never been more promises. >> he said such investment won't end the rises of rising gas prices overnight but he vows to do everything he can to help americans save on gas now and down the road. an estimated 1 million long-term unemployed are back searching for work with job creation on the rise. but economists are warning that rebuild to go the prerecession levels will take years. david louie and the economist explains why. >> put some of the top economists and ceos in one room and there's plenty of conversation about where the economy is heading.
6:34 am
u.c. berkeley's laura was the chair of president clinton's economic advisors. she said despite the job growth, it will take 11.5 million new jobs to take us back to prerecession workforce levels. >> at the current pace of job creation, we wouldn't fill that gap until sometime after 2020. >> part of the reason could be uneven job growth. the silicone valley metro zone, santa clara, san jose and sunyvale saw their unemployment race rise from december to january. >> i imagine people are coming back into the labor force coming to this place to try to find employment opportunities. that's going to boost the unemployment rate. >> despite that, venture capitalists say they have never been more optimistic in the past four years as investors snap up a new round of public offers or
6:35 am
l.p.o. >> we are all looking forward to facebook coming out, which will be a huge positive for the local economy, and i think for the world in general. >> washington still needs to address the nation's deficit and a growing concern. it won't be easy to raise taxes or to take away entitlements. michael was chair of the council of economic advisors for the senior president bush. >> others expressed concern that europe's ongoing debt problems and high unemployment could also put a drag on the u.s. economy. in san jose, david loui, abc7 news. >> so there's some rain lurking out there we are going to see? >> yes, there is. and it's going to be here as soon as tomorrow. but today cooler, no more 70s. here's a look from our mount tam cam. we had delays at sfo, 53 minutes. a few clouds around. count on a cooler afternoon today. maybe a north bay sprinkle, but otherwise we are talking tomorrow with some big changes and they are going to last right
6:36 am
on through the week. your forecast coming up. >> lisa, looking forward to it. thank you. also ahead, bay area students who are taking no bull from schoolyard bullies and the no-wall challenge they have issued to schools across the country.
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6:38 am
>> 6:38. lock at this. this is the lift sunrise on pacific standard team you are going to see in 2012. there it is. it is a beautiful thing rising over the bay bridge. traffic moving along without any problems. rain is lurking out there. we may see it tomorrow, but for today lisa argen is going to fill us in on the forecast coming up. >> each year more than 7 million americans suffer a broken bone. and for mark it end his days in uniform. we report on new research that could soon make struggles like his a thing of the past.
6:39 am
>> eric, a former san jose police officer, gets around pretty well on these crutches. then again, he's had 22 months to practice. >> it's kind of everything that could go wrong, has gone wrong. i think this was my fifth surgery and second bone graft and hoping this one takes. >> the doctor explains his compound fracture that happened after he chased a suspect. >> this is a difficult area to heal bus there's not a lot of meat. in this kiss we discussed amputation as a viable option. >> eric was force odd to retire from the police force as he underwent surgery to fuse his ankle together using bone taken from his knee and hip. now finally his doctor has good news. >> yes, he stands up and just sort of put a little -- >> with a special shoo-in certificate and physical therapy, he could be walking on his own again in six months. >> one promise to my kids, as soon as i can walk we go to
6:40 am
disneyland. >> but researchers are working to dramatically speed up the healing process. instead of grafting bones from other parts of the body, actually growing bones from cartilage that in this cases can be made from the patient's own stem cells. researchers are trying the technique on mice. they discovered it by accident during a failed attempt to find a cure for arthritis. >> we realized we were on to something and we were really excited about that. >> within a few years they could be in in cadaver lab hoping to learn it to use it on humans. >> he may not have even lost his position with the police force. >> but eric is not thinking about what-ifs. >> i'm just looking forward to walking, on two feet and walking. >> and packing his bigs for disneyland. in san francisco, johnathan bloom, abc7 news. >> do you know why we have professional meteorologists here at abc7?
6:41 am
so they can correct me when i say things like this is the last pacific standard time sunrise you will see this year. this is the last one until later on this year. >> we don't have to correct you. we know what you meant. >> it's okay. i want to be accurate. leaguesa is here with the accuweather forecast. >> we are looking at big changes. we've got what feels like spring, has been the past couple of weeks and months. >> winner is here. >> it is here. boy, do we need it. san francisco, just 38% of normal with over 7 inches of rain for the season. we should be at 19%. san jose only 26% of normal. mount tam, the average highs for this time of year should be in the low 60s, and we will see that today. but, boy, what a for cry from yesterday's 70s. and we saw 80 along the central coast. this morning it is cool in napa and santa rosa. good morning, mid-30s other.
6:42 am
cloudy skies for earn. delays of 53 minutes at sfo and we have a bit of a breeze around the delta. 44 degrees, southwesterly winds up to 20. and the winds have been blowing since yesterday at our coach. only 59 half moon bay yesterday. 37 in loss got toes with 35 in san jose. starting out with the clouds. they will thin out in the afternoon. so partly to mostly cloudy skies. a cooler day today for everyone. light showers arrive tomorrow morning and in fact sunday is going to be a little rainier than monday. but then it's all going to switch again and we will see a pretty wet pattern beginning the middle of the week, taking us right on through next weekend. and this rain is going to be progressive. it's going to slide all the way down into southern california and we will see some snow beginning midweek. high television snow. so the snow levels will be above 6,000 feet. we are talking rain at lake level. and a couple feet above 7,000 feet. so here's the first front. it is pushing through the bay area now.
6:43 am
for all the low clouds will be jammed up against the shoreline so that's why we are having the delays at sfo. and the next system will move on through tomorrow and that's going to bring a little bit of wet weather. high pressure giving way. it is moving on out of here. it will be replaced by a series of troughs. this is the second one. it's got some cooler err associated with it and a little bit more in the way of dynamics and that's why we are going to see a little bit of light rain. today perhaps around sonoma county late in the day. it's not even really showing up on this forecast model but we will see a few more clouds around." but as we go through the evening hours and then toward the early morning hours, look what happens. we have the rain headed from north to south and by noontime a chance of showers pretty much everywhere. and then by sunday night we are dry. monday morning commute it's showers and by the afternoon on monday, we still have some rain in the forecast. temperatures today cooler everywhere. in fact, no 80s in southern california. 72 today. back home we are tucking low
6:44 am
60s for the most part. 60 downtown. 63 san mateo. another day of mild weather here. it's all relative, right? 64 in salinas. and the look ahead. tonight don't forget to change your clocks ahead. tomorrow a few light showers. we will see mostly cloudy skies on monday. maybe a few sprinkles but the real wet weather pattern gets going tuesday, wednesday, and right on through next weekend. you can see the temperatures stay pretty mild. that's why these storms, these mid-latitude storms will bring more rain to lick level. at least it's bringing the precip and higher elevation snow and some snow resorts have the bases at 7,000 feet like kirk wood. so good snow to come. >> all right, lisa. thank you very much. >> more news now. bullying is an old problem getting new attention lately. they are recruiting people across the nation for something called the great american no bull challenge. we have the details.
6:45 am
>> when it comes to spreading the anti-bullying message at school, nicole is somewhat of a rock star. these are some of her followers. seventh and eighth graders from parkway heights middle school in south san francisco. >> we are going to start something from a grass roots movement. the teens are the ones getting involved. we started the no bull challenge in hopes of getting 25 million teens stand up and get involved against cyber bullying. >> her and her mom started the great american no bull challenge, asking schools across america produce amateur videos on bullying. the students of parkview middle school have produced five. >> hey, dude! >> leave me alone! >> there are topics about it, such as cyber bullying, physical bullying. >> 8 winners will be selected on july 21st at the teen video red carpet award event.
6:46 am
>> we wanted to leave a legacy. we wanted to make something different that nobody has ever done. >> according to the national education association, on any given day an estimated 160,000 children in the u.s. miss school due to fears of attack or intimidation. >> when you keep it to yourself it can build up over time and it can lead to a lot more serious problems like depression and even suicide. >> we put a lot of work into it. >> the ugly backstabbing. >> one of the supporters of the campaign is zoey oz, daughter of tv personality dr. oz. she spoke to us on skype. >> i've had my own experience online, facebook, twitter where i have had people either mean to me or mean to friends. >> the deadline to submit the videos is march 31st. the winning video will be shown at the sundance film festival. in the newsroom, lyanne melendez, abc7 news. >> if your school wants to participate, we can show you how.
6:47 am
there's a link. it's on look for it under "see it on tv" don't go away. 7 on your side is next. >> pg&e says pay up by may 1st or allow a smartmeter in your
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6:49 am
>> good morning. after years of controversy there's ways to avoid having pg&e install a smartmeter in your home. if you don't hurry, they will install one earlier. we have the details on opt-out fees and the new protests. >> pull that plug, pull that plug! >> there were months of protests and hearings. even arrests. and finally the concession. thousands of pacific gas and electric customers who don't want wireless smartmeters now
6:50 am
can opt out of having one installed at their home. >> yes, i want to opt out. yes. thank you! you heard me! >> these folks were elated. but now she and many others are finding out they have to start paying a monthly charge if they want to keep smartmeters off their property. >> it's just sort of like a penalty fee. >> pg&e is charging $75 up front, plus ten dollars per month for customers who decline a smartmeter. the utility estimates $150,000.000 may opt out. >> the question is what is right about it? >> like thousands of others, she worries the wireless meters have harmful radio waves and can cause utility fees to spike. she said it's wrong to impose a fee not to get one. she started this online petition to ask pg&e to stop having people pay to opt out. within two weeks she gathered more than 600 signatures. >> our meters are safe. there is a wealth of scientific information and studies and
6:51 am
reports. >> pg&e insists the meters are both safe and accurate. the emissions are below limits and billing is 99% reliable. after protest drew the public utilities commission last year told pg&e to let customers keep their old analog meters if they wish. >> we hope this opt-out alternative is something they can participate in so they can get relief when it comes to their concern around wireless meters and smart meters. >> i opted out of having out of having a mart meter. i'm not opting into pig $75. >> men complained it's unfair to force customers topay a fear or -- a fee or live with a device they consider harmful. pg&e said the fees are needed to maintain the old analog system and to send out meter readers for the opt-out customers. >> reintroducing analog meters into our system requires certain charges bus we have to go in and
6:52 am
adjust our i.t. >> this month the utilities began pressuring customers for a decision. >> to opt out, press 1. >> thousands received this recorded message and this certified letter telling customers to either pay the opt-out fee or let the smartmeters in. >> today we have a choice. for customers who don't want a smartmeter. >> there are people out there wanting to fight this and see the injustice of it. >> this woman said she'll submit her petition once she gathers at least 750 signatures. pg&e didn't say how they might respond. so far about 9800 customers have agreed to pay the opt-out fee. michael finney, 7 on your side. >> coming up next, a 98-year-old woman this was a judo master and about to become a film start too.itititititititititititititit
6:53 am
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♪ experience love that lasts. a documentary about a remarkable local woman called mrs. judo will have it's rogue premier tomorrow with the asian festival. she's earned the highest black belt. as don sanchez explains, there's much more to her story. >> she is keiko fukuda. a judo instructor. the first and only woman to earn a tenth degree black belt, the highest ranking. one of four in the world. next month she turns 99. >> there's something wow about her. >> this filmmaker is fukuda's neighbor. she made the documentary. >> i've learned so much and just things like patience.
6:56 am
being around her give me sort of more strength and more inspiration to keep going. >> her story is live a novel. a story of destiny. mer grandfather taught judo and she was fascinated by it. she was independent and decided to enter a male dominated sport in society. eventually she came to the u.s. as a teacher at mill's college. she opened her judo studio and she still teaches twice a week. >> judo to help become good person. >> her motto is be strong, be gentle, be beautiful. the subtitle of the film. it's a philosophy about finding your strength and how to use it. >> to be able to support each other and encourage each other and to help each other as a community. >> this is judo premiere's sunday afternoon in the castro theatre and a week from sunday in san jose. that's just the start. >> i hope this the film will get
6:57 am
out there and we will have some distribution in japan because i do think there's a lot of people there, especially the women in japan. i think for them it will be the source of inspiration. >> in san francisco, don sanchez, abc7 news. bird watchers are a buzz over a rare citing in santa cruz county. these are pictures taken of a bald eagle flying in the watsonville area but that's not what has people's spirits soaring. it's this, the bald eagle and it's mate were seeing nesting two days ago on a eucalyptus tree at lake county park. it's unheard of in santa cruz county. bald eagles that been on the endangered species list since 1967. i hope they are ready for the rain with their umbrellas. >> they should be. that's what usually happens here in the winter time. we will see a few light showers before the weekend is out. not today, though. here's a look at tam. you notice clouds around, a little breezy. airport delays of 53 minutes.
6:58 am
the rest of today we have one front pushing through that's bringing the cooler conditions. and the next front, that's going to arrive tomorrow and that's going to bring the chance of showers. it is setting the stage for changes all through next week. we are talking about low to mid-60s today. go ahead and find those umbrellas. >> thank you very much. thank you for joining us for the abc7 saturday morning news. our next newscast is at 8:00 a.m. you can keep track of the latest bribe being news on twitter on abc7 news bay area and talk about it on abc7 news. see you in
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